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In Movement


Your own Dance transforms

When we move to music and dance freely, it is  easy get in touch with our inner joy and creative power. How we feel affects the world around us. When we are in balance, we can live from a more true place in ourselves and make our choices from there.  

For me, it is inspiring to be able to support people in finding their joy,

inner balance and creative power.

Welcome to Dance with me!


Carin Dackman


My services

During the last 10 years I have allowed my passion for dans, meditation and

personal development show me the way to the different services that I offer today. My strength is my ability to create a safe and inspiring space, for individuals and for groups, which helps participants to come in contact with their bodies

and to find their dance.


From head to heart

Do you want to be more present in your heart and with your body?  More in contact with your inner self? I guide you into the body. In presence, you move, listening to yourself through your own dance, inspired by the music. Letting go of your thoughts, present in your heart, the body communicate. And we just  let transformation happen.

Life coaching

InMovement Coaching supports you when you want to find clarity and new paths in life. Sometimes we let the body provide information on the issue through movement. The body leads you to the essence in a powerful way.

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Share your Gifts (9).png


Dance opens new doors to yourself. Through dance, negative emotions and blockages are transformed into positive states such as joy, clarity, courage and self-esteem. The dance gives energy and presence.

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Body Expansion Dance

Your own free dance to my guidance, liberating and transforming. You release stress, gain new energy and come in contact with your joy. Then you meet everyday life in a new way!


Workshops in Studio InMovement

are currently on paus, but will soon start again

Dance Alchemy

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A quiet half day

Than you a team that wants a fun and balancing half day? I like to come and dance with you in a Body Expansion. Or maybe it's one of my other concepts that suits this particular occasion.


I do together with Lars Hain, an electrician in life energy.


- communication in rhythm and movement  I offer together with Tina Quartey, percussionist.


Coming Up

                                    Starting February 1 ! 

                                  Welcome to Body Expansion Dance.
                We meet on-line on Tuesdays. Join when it suits you.


More about Carin

Dancing has always been my lifeblood. It gives me joy, relaxation, new energy and information! Listening inwardly through the body is so valuable!

Improvisation, West African dance, folk dance... I have spent most of my spare time dancing, just because I love it. I have trained both children and adults and led workshops for more than 20 years.

Was project-employed dancer with MemoryWax for the performance "Fly me to the moon" and with Theatre Morianen in " No bad faces"

Trained in the method Dance Alchemy at the Osho Institute of Dancing and  attended Therapist Training at the Osho Risk meditation center. And
I´m a professional coach. Worked previously as a biologist (PhD in microbiological ecology) and in gender studies, but life, in these times of transformation, wanted me to use my gift: the body's desire for movement and sensitivity to information in the field, and the ability to inspire others .

What others say about Carin ...

"Being InMovement with  Carin Dackman  as my guide and catalyst - thats something Id love for everyone I know to experience. There is magic to be experienced there, you see. " / Helena Roth

"Love the Body Expansion concept and the liberating and loosening exercises and movements. Highly recommend Carin and InMovement!" / Daniel Doverland

"In an open, joyful and calm ambiance we are brought back to our center. In times where we are so disconnected from our bodies and mind, Carin shows how to listen to ourselves, to our body and make the space it needs to breathe again ! 

After every class I feel light, flexible, with an open hearth and absolutely relaxed! It's a "bath for the soul".  / Karina Bernauer


Carin Dackman, Tunnbindaregatan 3, Malmö



Welcome to contact me!

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