Body Expansion Dance - supporting "Soil for Life" and "Seed"

TISDAG 11 MAJ 2021 KL. 19:00–20:00

Bring your awareness to your body

Allow your body to move freely Dancing Inspired by the music and my guidance Feel the presence and relaxation Feel the expansion and the joy


Welcome for free the first time to experience for yourself. Register BEFORE 5 pm to receive the zoom link

CONTRIBUTION 130 SEK Swish to 0706-15 38 13 (Carin Dackman) OR 13 €

Dance with me... and make a difference for your self and for others.

The dance brings you personal wellbeing and at the same time you support the growth of healthy soils, people and communities.


Half of the contribution will be donated to the following public benefit organisations in Cape Town Soil for life ( Seed (

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